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Shipping business is a major business of Jointlink. Both import and export from China, Jointlink has accumulated many years of experience, and summed up a complete set of operating procedures. So that customers can enjoy fast, convenient and thoughtful, safe, professional and standard service. A general cargo business can be divided into five stages with three nodes: Contact delivery, booking operation, maritime transport, port operation, and delivery of the goods; the three node is: documents transfer point, cargo transfer point, the arrival of the goods at the transfer point. In these stages and nodes Jointlink has strict operational requirements: the use of sub routes, sub customers, sub agents approach, the operation details into the people, to implement the single, in place. Jointlink not only did a good job in the service of China, but also extended the service tentacles overseas, so that Jointlink’s service reflects international standards.

The shipping business mainly include

  • import and export cargo booking, documentation service, export container packing and import container devanning and export cargo LCL and imported goods distribution, import and export goods customs clearance, import and export goods door-to-door service etc..

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